Monday, October 6, 2008

Social Networking

Well after seeing how libraries are using Social Networking I have had to rethink some of the comments in my last blog.

My Space did put me off by all the celebrity sites and erotica ads but when looking at how many libraries are successfuly using this medium obviously it can be harnessed and controlled.

Bebo has had such bad publicity in the press, especially for bullying, I didn't think it would score in my opinion but it was so visual perhaps if I had explored it furthur I may have rated it higher.

Facebook I learnt was generated in academic environments and aimed at students and I did think this was a good site for libraries to use although a comment was made that the students were not using it for educational purposes.

The article "Libraries get social" had good comments on SNS ie. who was using it for educational purposes; for better contact with youthful communities and for vibrant promotions of library services and resources.

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