Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Utube exploration

I was not very impressed with many of the library videos. The image quality was poor in most of them and the ones I watched were rather corny and amateurish. QandANJ: Now Your Library is Open Late Night Too! was one I liked. Much better quality and the acting seemed more realistic. I could see this type of attractive video could be well used for marketing our libraries as long as it was well scripted, acted professionally and produced to a good standard.

I did look at Neon Art Journalism Video which I thought was an excellent production and demonstrated making this art form in an interesting well thought out clip. I seem to have sent it to my g-mail but haven't cracked getting it onto my blog yet.

Web 2.0 Awards

The best visual arts award I thought were interesting. A bit of a mixture ranging from ColorBlender toThe One Million Masterpiece, The BrothThe One Million Masterpiece. Both these sites gave free access but hoped the user would make a donation. This is the first time I have come across this aspect of the net. Color Blender would be a useful tool but I am not too sure of the art work that will be produced from any person willing to contribute even if its just a weeny square!!! Looking at Lulu I could see this would be brilliant for self publishing and production of perhaps library pamphlets in a very professional way.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


http://www.rollyo.com/waveneynz/ Well I think I may have finally mastered this one on my own. I can see this could be of personal use when locating information about specific topics but not so much fun as the more visual sites to explore in the exercises.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Flickr Toys

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A struggle to get this up and running but happy I have a pretty slideshow on my blog. Thanks to...!!!

Library Thing

This one was fun. I quite like the idea of my own library.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sandbox favourites

I not sure if I was meant to add a favourite on this site but I did and have added it here.
Favourite Garden Birds.

A favorite bird living in my garden is a male blackbird. A frequent visitor to our deck, this bird waits patiently until we feed him grapes. He is becoming increasingly friendly and follows us around our garden.The blackbird is one of many species that visit. We have Tui feeding on the kowhai, woodpigeons, greywarblers, fantails and rozellas also land close by when we are relaxing on our deck.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Library wikis

What is a wiki? : Good clear explanation emphasising pros and cons of wikis.
Using Wikis to Create Online Communities : Liked the way it specifically demonstrated how a controlled wiki could work in for library situations.

SJCPL Subject Guides I was pleased to see this site was well organised though perhaps a little boring without any attractive imagery. Also liked the fact there was a log on function before anyone could edit and it was librarians edit only in this section of the site. The history tracking was to me important so the edit could be traced to a particular person. I thought this type of info was superior to our libraries's Fitch.

BookLoversWiki I liked the layout of the pages and the use of images of the book covers. I can see this would be a super component for a library website. I am not sure of the commercial side of belonging to this wiki. Better if it was a free service for library patrons.

Discovery resources

Looked at Away from the icebergs. I thought the article "Row your library boat into the Web 2.0 environment" gave a positive view of web 2.0. which gave me more encouragement to keep on with the excercises. "On the way to the library experience of the future" also gave a little hope that the information overload will be organised by and for libraries and libraries will still be able to provide the enviroments people loved and appreciated in the past.

The articles that suggested outreach and patron education using web 2.0 would seem to be a very worthwhile aspect to develop for North Shore Libaries.

Monday, September 15, 2008


First impression the postings look a bit frivolous but fun. The mobile ads are most annoying. I haven't discovered if they can be done away with yet. I like the location bar which helps narrow down a search for a specific topic. I like the option of an advanced search.

I was interested in reading some articles with opposing views on learning2.0.
Also read articles that showed libraries using Technorati successfully. Watched a video on learning2.0 which was very useful.

Bookmarks and Tags

Looked at PLCMCL2's Bookmarks and I could see many international libraries make use of this technology. I also looked at the tag cloud and was interested to see blog and design were the most popular tags of the moment. I could see when there was a tag ie learning2.0 there were good articles to read. But yet another option to search out information and I am still not convinced about this technology.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I have opened a blogline account and added several rss feeds. I am still not sure if this new technology will be of any use to me personally. There is not enough hours in a day to followup on all avenues of news. So until I can combine the sites I am really interested in I probably won't make any use of bloglines. What I will do is to look to see how other library systems use these rss's as I am sure there will be useful applications of this technology for libraries. In the meantime I have tried to make my life easier by pulling in my accounts and gmail into igoogle which has stopped my feeling frustrated about where everything is held.